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Better Drivers Driver Ed. Course - Ready for Road Test

You will have to pass a driving test with the examiners who work for Department of Motor Vehicles.

The examiners are fair and professional, but it can still be scary. Try not to listen to horror stories from your friends; instead, get advice from experts.

On the driving test, you are allowed up to 30 demerits. If you get 31, it's over. You can also fail by committing a dangerous action or a violation. The Handbook tells you about the test on page 6.

Some examples of demerits:

*poor observation (didn't look behind while backing or forgot to check blind spot on lane change) = 10 demerits

*no signal = 5 demerits

*1 mile over the speed limit = 5 demerits

*cut corner on left turn (drive on reflectors or divider line) = 10 demerits

As you can see, they add up fast if you are not careful. Your focus should be on correct driving, not worrying about demerits. If you drive properly, you don't have to worry about demerits.


Watch these videos for a preview or a review of your driving lesson and a reminder of how to pass the test to get your drivers license.

The video below shows parallel parking from the inside of the car and from the outside. It also shows how to fix mistakes instead of starting over.

Parallel Park Video (about 4MB)

The next video is a lecture about what the examiner is looking for. If you know what he expects to see, it is easy to pass the test. The test is not supposed to be difficult.

Video lecture- What is the DMV Examiner Looking For ?


The next video shows you one of the common test routes. I talk about the dos and the don'ts of correct driving and I also point out the road markings that some student drivers fail to notice.

LINK Road Test Demonstration- Not ready yet, sorry.

Cat and Dog Driving Lesson - for fun