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Better Drivers Driver Ed. Course - Final Exam



Now you have completed all the assignments and are ready to take the final exam.

Remember that when you pass our test you still have to pass the government test. So continue to study the handbook.

It is not necessary to memorize the multiple-choice questions. The gov. test is based on the Territory of Guam Drivers Handbook, so that is what you should study between the time you pass our test and the time you take the gov. test.

The test presented here is for practice. You will need to come to Better Drivers office in East Agana during office hours and take your test. You will also need to make the payment of $60 is you haven't already done so.Please call to be sure we are actually there before you get a ride. Sometimes we leave for lunch or something.

When you finish the test at our office, we will go over it with you to ensure you are happy that you have the knowledge you need to pass the government test. These tests are more for you than for me; if you fail the test, it's your problem, not mine.

After we have corrected the test and discussed any problems, we will issue a classroom certificate so you can sign up at DMV for the test at University of Guam.


Please refer to Steps to Obtaining a License .


Good Luck!


Oh, and remember I have to share the road with you and I have little kids in my car. Please drive reasonably and responsibly.



E.Agana 734-3748

Monday and Tuesday noon to 8pm

Wednesday and Thursday noon to 5pm

Saturday 9am to noon.